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Service & Repair

Service & Repair

We service and repair all major brand reverse cycle split and ducted systems. We are also Authorised Warranty Agents for Daikin systems and have access and dealer pricing on all spare parts.

Regular maintenance is a major part of ensuring the system works efficiently and effectively when you need it. An inefficient or badly maintained system is potentially costing you excess money to run and could lead to serious problems.

Don't wait until the system fails, be proactive and potentially save yourself $$$ in the future!

We can offer one-off visits or advise on a regular maintenance plan to suit all domestic and commercial premises. Don’t get locked into a costly, long term maintenance plans as offered by some companies under the threat of voiding your warranty. We can offer honest, genuine, experienced advice for all situations.

Sometimes, as with all technology these days issues can occur. Some minor operational problems can be solved over the phone while others need a qualified refrigeration technician to attend and diagnose.

Important Information: 

  • ‍Before calling please reset your system at the outdoor on/off isolator switch or at the circuit breaker in the switchboard.
  • Make sure the unit is turned back on and try to resume normal operation.
  • In either heating or cooling mode turn the temperature all the way up or down to suit that required mode.
  • Sometimes a slight power surge or glitch in the electronics of the system can cause the units to go into fault/safety mode.
  • A reset may be all that is required and solve the issue (saving you money!).
  • Allow up to 10 minutes for system to initialise and attempt to operate.

If the issue reoccurs or system is still not operating as required please call us and we can arrange a callout ASAP. 

Call (08) 9407 9998 or email Joondalup Air.

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